Crystals For These Uncertain Times

In these challenging times, when the world seems to be going mad, several crystals revealed themselves to me as wanting to work with humanity to navigate through these challenges.

They cover things like stress, anxiety, fear, abundance, creativity (i.e. finding new ways to do things and to live a different, happier life), balance, happiness and much more.

I was personally guided to create a grid which included several of my personal crystals, plus others.

The guidance was that, as the grid was created, I was mindful that it was to help with changing the energy of fear and uncertainty to calm, hope and trust, to raise our consciousness to higher levels, and that this energy was to travel around the globe. 

Several crystals revealed themselves specifically to me to help you all through this time, but it is not limited to these.  ALL of the crystalline world is working to heal the Earth and lift the vibration and frequency.  But these listed are a guide for you should you need one.

If you feel guided to create your own grid in your own home please do so. The more high frequency energy that can be created, the more this foreboding energy will change. Allow yourself to be guided by your crystals. Remember, they chose you (because they do choose us!) for a reason and this time in our lives is one of those reasons.

My personal Master Healer crystal Aliya is at the centre of my grid. She is radiating with love and serenity and transmitting her healing across the planet. She connects to all crystals on this planet and in all parts of the galaxy and cosmos.  And her "children", those she guided me to obtain so that she could charge and activate them with her energy, are also ramping up their frequency and energy, so that they can go to homes across the nation, and eventually around the world.  (These will be listed online in a few days!)

Hello You!

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