Earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants – never has there been such an exciting array of crystal jewellery available.


Crystals, in cabachons, double terminated, carved shapes or raw are becoming more popular as jewellery but as well as the more fashionable use, crystals have metaphysical properties which crystal healers believe can aid in everything from balancing and grounding, to channelling and healing. Some stones have singular abilities where as others, such as clear quartz have many uses.


The style and setting of crystal jewellery is very much a matter of personal taste and does not affect the individual properties of each crystal – in fact, choosing your crystal jewellery is exactly the same as choosing crystals for your home, work, healing - by look, by intuition, by the vibration and energy of the piece.


Crystals work on a subtle vibration and those waves of energy will reach the close proximity of the physical body easily! The human body works with energy the same as electronic equipment might – eg quartz is used to keep our watches working, in radios for transmission and as memory chips in our computers!

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