Aliya Activated Crystals

These are coming shortly!  They are here and activated, but we need to photograph them.


Aliya is a Master Healer crystal.   She (yes, she presents as feminine energy) is Clear Quartz and double terminated.  She carries all of the hallmarks of Clear Quartz, plus has her own frequency, vibration and energy signature.

She is extremely powerful, vibrating at a very high frequency.   She is here to assist people to raise their own vibration, their own frequency;  to move forward and evolve in consciousness.

She is highly protective and offers healing in whichever way it is required.  Those who have had the privilege to interact with her have had different experiences, including calmness, laughter, crying (as she helps them release emotions which are holding them back).  Some have received messages about how perfect they are (when they themselves are feeling  less than perfect);  some, of the journey they are on and the work they are here to do; and the list goes on and on.

She fell and divided (some would say that she is broken, but I that is not what she did) some years ago, so she is now two pieces instead of one.  This occurrence actually amplified her energy and her healing, rather than diminish her in any way.  In doing so, she also shows people that though they may feel broken they are, in fact, whole and perfect.

Recently she communicated her desire to charge and activate other crystals (usually quartz, usually double terminated, though not restricted to these types/styles), so that her energy could be shared further afield.

So, we bring you Aliya's children!  May you find calm, peace, joy, healing and growth as you connect and interact with your beautiful new Soul Being! 

Those folk who have felt the call of Aliya and her children have connected incredibly deeply and profoundly with these crystalline treasures and felt profound changes in their lives.  And I am often told that when things are a little uncertain or difficult in their lives, they call to Aliya, and she is there instantly to support, nurture and love them, and to hold space for them in conjunction with her crystalline children.

Brought to you with Love, Light and Joy.

AyitiyA and Aliya


Some testimonials:

Aliya's baby - mooji - meaning friend for the soul. These beautiful crystals are from the most pure of heart. They have a deep healing quality that can enhance, empower, any ability. What an amazing connection they can bring.. The beautiful blue and bright white shine she brings to my soul is so loving and soothing. I embrace her energy and connection to the cosmos, universes and to me - Charmaine


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