Rose Quartz (Madagascar) 8mm Bracelet

Rose Quartz (Madagascar) 8mm Bracelet
Rose Quartz (Madagascar) 8mm Bracelet

Love | Compassion | Relationships

"On this day, as Rose Quartz enters your life, you are being showered in Love, your heart is being expanded to the unconditional giving state, so that healing may occur for  self, and for all others.  Embrace yourself in the flame of forgiveness and your endless Light will illuminate the world."

While Rose Quartz is found in many countries, the best gemstones come from the pegmatites (intrusive igneous rocks composed of interlocking crystals) of Brazil and Madagascar. One of Quartz’s most attractive and coveted varieties, Madagascan Rose Quartz of a fine quality is rare and always in high demand.

Madagascan Rose Quartz is from a deposit first reported in 1912 near the old village of Tsaramanga in Madagascar’s Antananarivo Province.


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