Rhodonite Harmonisers

Rhodonite Harmonisers
Rhodonite Harmonisers

Price is $350 each or $650 for the pair.

Mineral harmonizers are powerful energy tools for correcting any energetic imbalances and for recharging and restoring vitality in the human body. The tradition of using paired harmonizers comes from ancient Egypt. The pharaohs are often depicted and represented holding a cylinder in each hand, while surrounded by two divinities symbolizing ba and ka energy polarities. 

For ancient Egyptians, ba and ka represented the two sources of essential, vital energy: the ka cylinder held in the right hand symbolized the flow of solar energy (masculine energy), and the ba cylinder held in the left hand represented the flow of lunar energy (feminine energy). 



Was named the Eagle Stone by locals in Russia who witnessed eagles carrying it  back to their nests.  So it carries a similar frequency of courage, wisdom, strength, boundaries and protection.

It is a heart stone, and so offers releasing, compassion, self healing, forgiveness and strength through difficult transitions such  as relationships, career changes, illness and death.


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