Black Tibetan Quartz Skull AA

Black Tibetan Quartz Skull AA
Black Tibetan Quartz Skull AA
Black Tibetan Quartz Skull AA
Black Tibetan Quartz Skull AA
Black Tibetan Quartz Skull AA
Black Tibetan Quartz Skull AA

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For her size, this little angel is a powerhouse of energy and vibration, but with a sweetness that belies her strength and power!

Tibetan Quartz

Spiritual Protection | Spiritual Purification | Enhanced Meditation | Chakra & Meridian Balancing | Cleansing and Energising the Aura

These crystals are found in the Himalayas of Tibet, one of the most sacred areas of the Earth.  They often have inclusions of Hematite, water or carbon.  They carry the ancient energy and records of Tibet within their matrix, and offer a feeling of "coming home" to those who feel a strong connection to this part of the world.

Spiritually, Black Tibetan Quartz opens you to greater expanded states of consciousness and assist the physical body to integrate and using the Light needed for spiritual growth or physical repair.  They awaken the upper chakras, allowing for greater communication with the higher planes.

They act as a psychic cleanser, bringing pure "Light" energy into the aura, strengthening and shielding you.  From this expanded state of purity, everywhere you go will be touched by this Light force frequency.


Clarity | Focus | Amplification | Manifestation | Light Embodied

"I am Divine Infinite Light.  My gift to you is clarity and focus in your intentions, shining light on your  dreams and goals so that they can become manifest."

Clear Quartz is the Grandmother/Grandfather of the mineral kingdom, and as such, aids in all aspects of physical and spiritual life.  Quartz is one of the ancients, revered and respected in all places of wisdom.

It represents perfected material form, aligned and harmonised with the cosmic force, and allows the direct embodiment of Light into physicality.  It is similar to pyramids in that it channels high frequency energy onto the physical earth plane.

Clear Quartz provides great clarity and focus when you are uncertain about a decision you need to make or a direction you wish to go.  Sit quietly, either in meditation or just in stillness, hold your goal or intention calmly in your mind, and ask your quartz to offer you insight, clarity and direction.

It is a beginning of a new age, a new way of being.  Reset your goals, write a list of the things that bring you joy and fulfilment and dedicate time so that they may exist physically in your life.  The time has come to embody your Light and activate your avenues of creation with mastery and skill.

Clear quartz amplifies the healing energies of all other crystals, and all intentions, so can be used in partnership with these other crystals, either in grids or in placement in your home or workplace.  See some potent combinations here.

Quartz is one of the ancients, revered and respected in all places of wisdom,  particularly the ancient realms of Lemuria and Atlantis.

It allows direct embodiment of Light into physicality and lift all that it encounters as it is an Amplification Stone, enabling each to find their maximum potential.  It offers alignment at the mental and emotional levels, resulting in profound clarity and self acceptance that leads to action, growth and healing.  It performs potent purification on all levels of self.

As a Master healer and amplifier of healing and spiritual energies, it raises energy to the highest possible levels, enhancing thought, manifestation, meditation,  protection, channelling and healing.

Weight: 52g | Length: 40mm x 30mm x 30mm

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