Starseed Columbian Quartz Points (AAA Grade)

Starseed Columbian Quartz Points (AAA Grade)
Starseed Columbian Quartz Points (AAA Grade)
Starseed Columbian Quartz Points (AAA Grade)
Starseed Columbian Quartz Points (AAA Grade)
Starseed Columbian Quartz Points (AAA Grade)
Starseed Columbian Quartz Points (AAA Grade)
Starseed Columbian Quartz Points (AAA Grade)
Starseed Columbian Quartz Points (AAA Grade)

Clarity | Focus | Amplification | Manifestation | Light Embodied

"I am Divine Infinite Light.  My gift to you is clarity and focus in your intentions, shining light on your  dreams and goals so that they can become manifest."


Starseed (or Starbrary crystals as they are also called by some of us) are a rare and completely natural type of Quartz formation, which have been encoded and programmed with ancient and detailed information by people from distant star systems.  This is the main difference between a Starbrary and a Lemurian Seed Crystal; Starbrarys having been encoded remotely by civilizations that existed outside of our own solar system, whilst Lemurian crystals were embedded with information by people who inhabited our planet; ‘seeding’ or planting them in a sand bed in Brazil for us to discover some 10,000 years after they left.  (Lemurians are now also found in many other parts of the world)

The Starbrary Mission
The language of the Starbrary is similar to that of Lemurian Seed Crystals, but more complex due to the incredible amount of information each one contains.  This information is considered crucial to the growth and survival of the human race and the evolution of the planet as a whole.  They are also thought to contain information required to help the Earth at a time of extreme global need or crisis. It follows, therefore, that these amazing and significant crystals are beginning to become available in various parts of the world, so that their reach to Lightworkers will be on a global scale.

These magnificent and wondrous crystals are now working their way to locations across the planet to be with the guardians who will need to work with them in the future.  All of the Starbrarys are thought to contain a direct means of communicating with our elders from these far off galaxies, just lying dormant waiting for us to unlock their code.  Furthermore, it is believed that when the time is right (as with Lemurian Seed Crystals also), the Starbrarys will experience a simultaneous ‘awakening’, creating a huge web or grid of celestial light which will surround and encompass the whole planet. 

Embedded with their ancient and potent knowledge the Starbrarys lie patiently waiting for us to discover and work with them.  Only time will tell, but when the people from these star systems feel that we are ready for open contact and have evolved sufficiently from the third dimension of fear, hatred, anger, jealousy and greed, many pieces of the puzzle will start to fall into place and we will receive the answers many spiritual people across the planet have long been searching for.  If you find yourself guardian of one of these extraordinary and precious crystals, work with it often, treat it with the utmost respect and learn as much as you can of its secrets and mysteries.




ELEMENTS: All (Fire, Water, Earth, Air)

PLANET: Sun, Moon

ORIGINS: Worldwide but predominantly USA, Brazil, Russia and Madagascar

AFFIRMATION: "I am open to new beginnings, cleansing my energy and enriching my life force"

BEST FOR: Amplifying the energy of other stones, healing your aura, manifestation, cleansing and clearing mental blocks


(Quartz points are excellent to use in gridding.  Their capacity to amplify the qualities of the other crystals in the grid is a major aspect of their beneficial powers.)

Clear Quartz is the Grandmother/Grandfather of the mineral kingdom, and as such, aids in all aspects of physical and spiritual life.  Quartz is one of the ancients, revered and respected in all places of wisdom.

It represents perfected material form, aligned and harmonised with the cosmic force, and allows the direct embodiment of Light into physicality.  It is similar to pyramids in that it channels high frequency energy onto the physical earth plane.

Clear Quartz provides great clarity and focus when you are uncertain about a decision you need to make or a direction you wish to go.  Sit quietly, either in meditation or just in stillness, hold your goal or intention calmly in your mind, and ask your quartz to offer you insight, clarity and direction.

It is a beginning of a new age, a new way of being.  Reset your goals, write a list of the things that bring you joy and fulfilment and dedicate time so that they may exist physically in your life.  The time has come to embody your Light and activate your avenues of creation with mastery and skill.

    Quartz is one of the  ancients, revered and respected in all places of wisdom,  particularly the ancient realms of Lemuria and Atlantis.

    It allows direct embodiment of Light into physicality and lift all that it encounters as it is an Amplification Stone, enabling each to find their maximum potential.  It offers alignment at the mental and emotional levels, resulting in profound clarity and self acceptance that leads to action, growth and healing.  It performs potent purification on all levels of self.

    As a Master healer and amplifier of healing and spiritual energies, it raises energy to the highest possible levels, enhancing thought, manifestation, meditation,  protection, channelling and healing.

    Weight: 67g | Length: 82mm 

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