Ruby and Kyanite in Fuschite Chip Bracelets

Ruby and Kyanite in Fuschite Chip Bracelets
Ruby and Kyanite in Fuschite Chip Bracelets
Ruby and Kyanite in Fuschite Chip Bracelets

Psychic Awareness | Spiritual connection | Communication | Self-Expression | Truth | Life Force | Courage | Passion

The combination of Ruby and Fuchsite helps to open and enhance psychic awareness. Laying with Ruby Fuchsite on the Third-Eye can awaken latent psychic abilities by opening up the Heart Chakra to receive information from the Third-Eye Chakra.

Ruby Fuchsite enhances the connection to spiritual realms, thinning the veil between this 3rd density reality and the other dimensions. Ruby Fuchsite is a perfect companion to use when connecting and communicating with the spirit world. This combination of two complementary colored crystals opens and activates the Crown Chakra and is helpful in deepening meditative states.

Blue kyanite opens the throat chakra, encouraging communication and self-expression. 

It cuts through fears and blockages, helping to speak your truth. 

It is very useful for public speakers and performers as it strengthens the voice and heals the throat and the larynx.

Stimulates psychic abilities and intuition.

Amplifier of high frequency energies.

Fuschite crystal is a love stone unlike any other. The calming and comforting energy of this stone helps to heal your heart and your emotions while also offering uplifting and positive energy to keep your spirits high. This is the perfect crystal to help you overcome and move on from heartache or other painful experiences, especially related to love and relationships.

Ruby carries the frequency of the enlightened base chakra.         

It stimulates the flow of life-force energy (chi).  It strengthens your ability to meet your needs and manifest your desires.

It is a prosperity stone and is great at attracting wealth.

A stone of high energy and power that promotes healing on all levels.


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