Rainbow Fluorite Wolf

Rainbow Fluorite Wolf
Rainbow Fluorite Wolf
Rainbow Fluorite Wolf
Rainbow Fluorite Wolf
Rainbow Fluorite Wolf
Rainbow Fluorite Wolf


Nicknamed the “genius stone” by medieval alchemists, Rainbow Fluorite is a crystal for focus, inspiration and clear thinking, and fabulous ally for study, work and general productivity.

If you struggle with hyperactivity or concentration, Rainbow Fluorite (named so because of it’s many colours) helps clear mental fog and disorganisation.

As a cooling crystal, it helps decrease inflammation in mind and body; soak in a bath with  tumbled stones to reduce bodily pain, tensions and infections, and carry with you to stay calm and cool-headed during daily life.

Especially helpful for students, and those who don’t really feel like they fit on this Earth plane.  

Katrina Raphaell, in her book "Crystal Enlightenment" writes:- "Fluorite is for the advancement of mind, for developing the ability to comprehend and integrate the non-physical realities of the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions.  When the mind is attuned to the essence of Fluorite, it is possible to experience and know the inner sanctums of the self, where all knowledge and wisdom is contained.  Fluorite balances the positive and negative aspects of the mind.  When these polarities equalise it is possible to experience the silence and peace of neutrality, merging into the eternal moment, where time stand still and the self unites with the infinite.

But the experience of Fluorite goes even one step beyond this.  It incorporates this reality into the active mentality of daily living, enabling one to stay attuned to that source while functioning on the physical plane.  When this occurs, all of the thoughts that emanate from the conscious and sub-conscious mind are attuned and aligned with the ultimate source of truth.  Fluorite consciousness allows one to maintain awareness of the ONE, the ALL, while still claiming individual unique expression and existence.  By doing this it is possible to tap into vast resources of creative energy for manifestation in one's life."

WOLF, appears to us as a teacher and pathfinder in the Great Mystery of our soul journeys.

Wolf is a loyal and generous provider for family; the nature of the pack is one of devotion and strength together. Wolf is also highly individualistic, travelling alone and far from home to seek out new territory and resources.

It is this duality in Wolf that mirrors our human experience; we are members of our families and of a larger society, yet also embody our personal dreams, desires, and paths. Wolf teaches us to harmonise these aspects of our lives with a healthy balance of both domestic dedication and wild adventure in our hearts.

A Wolf’s senses are exceptionally keen and this power animal is aligned with Moon energy, which represents intuition, hidden knowledge, and insight. Appearing as our teacher today, Wolf asks us to listen for our inner voice that guides us with truth and knowing, and to become illuminated from within.

As a totem animal, Wolf symbolises the journey of the soul as a Pathfinder—one who discovers and rediscovers new concepts, ideas, or experiences—always learning in the highest good. Wolf also reminds us to honour the teachings and wisdom evident in all things, whether these come to us through another person, a cloud, a flower, a book, or Great Spirit.

With Wolf medicine, we are empowered to share our knowledge with others, for each of us is powerful teacher, too.
Today, ask yourself what Wolf can teach you about your path. Have you been venturing beyond your comfort zone on your journey of becoming? Are you listening to your inner guide and seeking out teachers or opportunities that may be appearing? Today, take a moment to use your keen intuition as you look within, listen for your wisdom, and heed the call of Wolf!
Wolf information comes from The Medicine Card deck and book by Jamie Sams and David Carson.


Weight: 603g | Height: 100cm | Width: 98cm

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