Morello Smoky Cluster

Morello Smoky Cluster
Morello Smoky Cluster
Morello Smoky Cluster

Transmutation | Cleansing | Earthing

Tiny double terminated crystals with incredibly high vibration and clarity, Morello Smoky Quartz are found only in Mooralla, Victoria, Australia. 

They are in their natural and uncut state and look like Smoky Herkimer. They are grounding and anchoring during meditation and they raise the vibration while meditating.

One of the most powerful crystal tools for energy transmutation. 

It quickly moves unwanted energies out of your aura and into the Earth, for it to be cleansed and transmuted by channelling the white Light energy of the crown chakra through into the base chakra.

It grounds spiritual energy and gently neutralizes negative vibrations. Blocks geopathic stress and absorbs electromagnetic smog from cell phones and computers.  Restores physical energy and highly protective.

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