Mookaite Obelisk

Mookaite Obelisk
Mookaite Obelisk
Mookaite Obelisk
Mookaite Obelisk

Earthing | Balancing | Ancient Wisdom

This incredible and colourful gift from Mother Earth is found exclusively near Mooka Creek in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia.

The earthy reds and ochres that run through the crystal give it a grounding energy, allowing you to feel settled and supported wherever you are.  However, the veins of creams, pinks and mauves that also weave through Mookaite add a spiritual vibration to the crystal.  In short, Mookaite allows you to connect with the magic and spiritual consciousness of the land wherever you are.

Mookaite induces a temperament of gentleness, encouraging you to show kindness and compassion to others, the Earth and most importantly, yourself.

It carries such a deep and powerful energy of Earthing, balance and Spiritual connectedness.  Oneness with all.

It is ancient, and as such, carries information and knowing that is felt, rather than consciously known.

Feel the vibration and frequency of the Earth, of the elemental spirits of this place, of the deeply profound dreaming.

Weight: 58g | Height: 82mm | Width: 22mm


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