Lapis Lazuli Eagle Head Carving


(The stone of Realisation)

Awareness | Inner Wisdom | Trust 

To resonate with Lapis Lazuli is to initiate Divine communication, which can endow one with greater understanding and enhance mental abilities.  She is an Ancient One of infinite wisdom. Her presence signals the breaking through, cutting away and true realisation of that which should not be on your path.  She helps to break through the self-created veils of illusion and distraction from your personal highest purpose. She is indicating to you that a time of intense spiritual learning is at hand.  The period is one of initiation into the mysteries of the workings of the Infinite.

You can be sure that your guides and guiding angels are preparing you for growth and enhanced understanding of your path and purpose on the Earth plane.   Take stock of your spiritual gifts, beliefs and desires:  then ask for the energy of Lapis to aid you in manifesting your full potential.


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