Kunzite Bracelet AAA

Kunzite Bracelet AAA
Kunzite Bracelet AAA

High Vibe | Star Children | Divine Love | Joy | Optimism

Kunzite (and Hiddenite - both forms of Spodumene) is an exceptionally high vibe stone, making it a powerful healer on an emotional level, encouraging letting go of fears and sorrows and anxiety over the future.

This lithium-rich mineral, no matter the colour, is a crystal of optimism and joy.  It is a fabulous crystal to use with “spring cleaning” or when clutter needs to be removed - whether it is the physical clutter from the home or the clutter inside your own head. If you have past mistakes you need to be free from, or sad memories that never seem to disappear, as well as harmful words spoken years ago that still linger, holding this crystal will enable these hurts and pains to be cleared away, to be replaced by a new sense of purpose and optimism. 

It is great for children who have trouble adjusting to and functioning in life, and for star children and walk-ins who have trouble adjusting to this Earth plane environment and energies.

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