Empaths & Sensitives Intention Crystal Kit

Empaths & Sensitives Intention Crystal Kit
Empaths & Sensitives Intention Crystal Kit

Five peaceful, cleansing and protective crystals consciously curated to aid in increasing your psychic and intuitive abilities, strengthen your shield to protect your aura and balance your mind, body and spirit. 

This particular kit is particularly profound in its very strong energy and intention, which I personally use and have with me at all times as I am highly sensitive and empathic.  I also have Larimar in mine as that is what I was guided to create for myself, and something I would recommend for you too if you feel guided.  Larimar in combination with the included crystals adds another layer of protection and keeps me in a highly tranquil and peaceful flow.


Increases psychic and intuitive abilities, protects aura and deflects unwanted energies.


Purifies the aura, brings emotional protection against anxiety and connects to spirit guides.

Rainbow Fluorite

Cleanses your spirit and strengthens the shielding of your aura and acts as a psychic debris filter. 


Brings deep peace; evokes compassion and effective communication, especially for healers.

Quantum Quattro

Protects your energy fields from negativity and powerful balancer for mind, body and spirit.

This kit includes:

5 crystals
Handmade linen bag to carry your crystals with you wherever you go
Intention card for crystals

To set the intention of your kit, hold the crystals in your hands and visualise how their energy can help you. Keep them on your person, in your home or at your work place.

Our crystals and gemstones are natural from the Earth and vary slightly in size and color, making each one unique. Each kit is made to order with crystals intuitively hand picked for you. Expected turn around time from order to dispatch is 1 business day.

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