Elestial Smoky Quartz


This is one of those pieces that speak to your soul!  To get the full information, zoom in on all the markings and listen to this beautiful piece's information.

As I hold her, I am shown that her keeper will find their absolute truth and Origins when connecting with her.  Once the connection is made, the frequencies matched, the true journey will begin.  It will be a very powerful journey for her Keeper, because she is a complete powerhouse of energy.  "Hang on to your hat" is what she is expressing!

The rest of her story is for her ultimate Keeper/Caretaker!  What a journey it will be!


Spiritual Transformation | Divine Love | Earthing/Grounding 

Being an exceptionally high vibe/high frequency stone, it brings about powerful spiritual  transformation and realisation, so working with elestials may enhance your meditations to an incredible deep level.

The more you use the elestial quartz, the clearer the message it is trying to share with you will become.

Elestials helps to anchor and balance the high frequency Light energy into your physical body.

Weight: 646g | Length: 140mm | Width: 80mm | Height: 80mm

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