Clear Quartz with Chlorite Phantoms Generator

Clear Quartz with Chlorite Phantoms Generator
Clear Quartz with Chlorite Phantoms Generator
Clear Quartz with Chlorite Phantoms Generator
Clear Quartz with Chlorite Phantoms Generator

This "one of a kind" piece is pure magic.

When I purchased it, I wasn't even aware of the Chlorite phantoms in it!  They were only revealed when I took photos of this piece.  I was totally surprised when I saw the Chlorite in it!  But it made sense that I had felt the need to purchase this beauty, as I had felt an extra power about it, and wasn't sure why.  I love quartz - I just can't pass it by when shopping - but this was something extra!

Chlorite is an absolute powerhouse mineral.  The energy that emits from it, whether it is a large piece, a small piece or an almost invisible phantom like this one, is second to none.  I feel the power of it course through my body and I know that there is some very deep level clearing going on. 

That was certainly the case with this crystal, and I felt so much "lighter" after holding it.  I am sure that this is what it has to offer to it's true keeper also.  I believe it will do some powerful work personally, but that it will partner exceptionally well with a person offering healing.

Some extra information from Naisha Ahsian from The Book of Stones.

Chlorite in all forms is one of the most powerful minerals for physical healing.  its energy supports cell function and regeneration and can assist in regulating cell growth and mutation.  It helps protect the body and energy systems from inharmonious radiation.  Chlorite minerals have varying degrees of energetic activity, with Clinochlore being the most physically active and Seraphinite (gem Clinochlore) being the most spiritually active.

Chlorite Phantoms in Quartz are powerful healing stones.  They assist one in rapidly achieving balance and health through one's vibrational and physical aspects, by successively realigning all levels of one's being with optimal soul energy.  These stones can assist in journeying to the source of physical ailments in meditation and finding the corresponding patterns in one's energy field.  They allow one to move into resonance with the Earth's electromagnetic field, allowing one's heart and brain to move into a coherent rhythm with the planet.  They assist one in receiving healing instruction or information from Spirit.

Spiritual - Chlorite Phantom Crystals channel high-frequency soul energy into the physical and energetic systems.  They can aid in connecting with one's healing guides.  They assist those who are uncomfortable receiving healing or energy from others to be more receptive.



Self-Healing | Regeneration | Cleansing

A powerful healing combination, combining the detoxifying and purifying properties of Chlorite with the amplifying and cleansing qualities of Quartz crystal.

It is one of the best crystals for physically clearing and cleansing the energy of your aura and your space. It vibrates health, growth and new life into your space,  uplifting the energy of your home.


Clarity | Focus | Amplification | Manifestation | Light Embodied

"I am Divine Infinite Light.  My gift to you is clarity and focus in your intentions, shining light on your  dreams and goals so that they can become manifest."

Clear Quartz is the Grandmother/Grandfather of the mineral kingdom, and as such, aids in all aspects of physical and spiritual life.  Quartz is one of the ancients, revered and respected in all places of wisdom.

It represents perfected material form, aligned and harmonised with the cosmic force, and allows the direct embodiment of Light into physicality.  It is similar to pyramids in that it channels high frequency energy onto the physical earth plane.

Clear Quartz provides great clarity and focus when you are uncertain about a decision you need to make or a direction you wish to go.  Sit quietly, either in meditation or just in stillness, hold your goal or intention calmly in your mind, and ask your quartz to offer you insight, clarity and direction.

It is a beginning of a new age, a new way of being.  Reset your goals, write a list of the things that bring you joy and fulfilment and dedicate time so that they may exist physically in your life.  The time has come to embody your Light and activate your avenues of creation with mastery and skill.

Clear quartz amplifies the healing energies of all other crystals, and all intentions, so can be used in partnership with these other crystals, either in grids or in placement in your home or workplace.  Some potent combinations here.

Quartz is one of the  ancients, revered and respected in all places of wisdom,  particularly the ancient realms of Lemuria and Atlantis.

It allows direct embodiment of Light into physicality and lift all that it encounters as it is an Amplification Stone, enabling each to find their maximum potential.  It offers alignment at the mental and emotional levels, resulting in profound clarity and self-acceptance that leads to action, growth and healing.  It performs potent purification on all levels of self.

As a Master healer and amplifier of healing and spiritual energies, it raises energy to the highest possible levels, enhancing thought, manifestation, meditation,  protection, channelling and healing.

Weight: 391g | Height: 8cm

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