Charoite Pendant in Sterling Silver

Charoite Pendant in Sterling Silver

Service | Transformation | Personal Destiny | Service to the Light | Cleanses the Aura | Transmutes Negativity

A stone of service to the Light.

Charoite is a beautiful stone from the Lake Baikal region of Siberia.  It is a purple, swirling, opaque to translucent stone with inclusions of golden calcite and black dendrite.  It is now quite rare.

It helps release deep fears, reduce stress and worry and supports the recognition of the power of living in the present moment.

It is very activating to the third eye and crown chakras, while the calcite works with clearing the solar plexus chakra and the dendrite grounds the higher energy into physicality.  It in in the way that Charoite clears the way for inspiration to be turned in to decisive action.

You have talents and abilities that are unique to your purpose here on the planet.  Charoite is calling you to remember these personal gifts and find a way to apply them for the highest good, in service to all creation.

Call upon Charoite to show you your true path.  Commit yourself to being of service or raising your standard of service and your new reality will unfold!

Affirmation:-  "I am in service to the Light." 

Weight: 11g | Height: 50mm | Width: 35mm

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