Chakra & Lava Bracelet

Chakra & Lava Bracelet

The Seven Chakra Diffuser Bracelet is made with seven semi-precious stones representing the seven Chakras of the body and complimented with Lava stones. The word Chakra is from Sanskrit and means "wheels of energy". This bracelet works by balancing the wearer's seven chakras. When the chakras are balanced, the energy flows freely which results in a calm and peaceful feeling throughout the body.

Chakra Bracelets have been worn by yogis for centuries. The benefits of this powerful bracelet focused on aligning the chakras to attain balance. Chakras are energy centers in our bodies that control our moods and emotions. When the chakras are aligned, so are the wearer's emotions.  

Each of the beads represents the following chakras:

  • crown (violet/white)
  • brow (indigo)
  • throat (blue)
  • heart (green)
  • solar plexus (yellow)
  • sacral (orange)
  • base (red)

The lava beads are perfect for you to have the beautiful aroma of your essential oils.  Place two drops of your favourite essential oil on the lava beads, and let dry a bit before wearing the bracelet.

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