Celestite Geode

Celestite Geode
Celestite Geode
Celestite Geode
Celestite Geode

Emotional Protection  |  Balance  |  Communication

Celesitite is excellent for emotional protection and to end worry, fear and anxiety.

It is a great tool for meditation, as it helps focus on that and block out distracting “noise”. 

It purifies the aura and perfects the chakras. 

It is a stone that brings balance, especially to thought processes and communication. 

An excellent tool for astral travel.  Said to be an angelic stone. 

Some additional information to share with you - from Justin Mikeha Asar - Your trust in self is being tested, you are being asked to stand in your wisdom and power with Love as the answer and guide. Whatever issues you are currently involved in, remember when you truly Know you are Right, the world doesn't need to know why or how. Entering into such spaces simply shows you don't Trust yourself, the path of true Knowing is often one of Patience, Silence and Love. Think and Know before you act and speak. you have entered a very spiritual phase in life, draw yourself inward with acceptance of all around you, it is all valid and has purpose. Ride the waves of life, often divinity is hidden in the physical world but with Trust and Knowing as your guide all will be revealed. Celestite also presents to us when we must listen more carefully in the world.

And from Naisha Aishan - Knock, Knock! Celestite is here to notify you that you have a message from spirit waiting, but your overly busy mental energy is keeping it from being received! You may be so busy asking for a sign or a message that you have forgotten to stop and actually receive it. Or, perhaps your monkey mind has been so busy with daily demands that you have neglected to shut it off so that you can receive important updates and directions from your Higher Self, soul and the Creator. Whatever the case, it is now time for you to sit, enter the doorway to spirit, and allow the messages, inspiration and revelations to be downloaded. Sitting in quiet meditation with Celestite and clearing you mind is the best way to listen for these subtle directives.


Weight: g | Size: mm x mm


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