Capricorn Zodiac Kit

Capricorn Zodiac Kit

Dates:-  Dec 17 - Jan 20

Ruling Planet - Saturn

Element - Earth

Smoky Quartz

Gives the grounding energy needed to thrive and dissolve the self-criticism that they can struggle with.


Stone of motivation, supporting Capricorn’s determination and passion. It offers a positive, forward-moving energy.


Very good source of energy that provides the emotion of love and helps to feel compassionate for all life.


Protects Capricorn from negativity and supports them with the structure and balance they need to succeed.


Fluorite calms a Capricorn’s overactive mind and encourages organisational skills to bring order to chaos.

This kit includes:
5 crystals
Handmade linen bag to carry your crystals with you wherever you go
Intention card for crystals

To set the intention of your kit, hold the crystals in your hands and visualise how their energy can help you. Keep them on your person, in your home or at your work place.

Our crystals and gemstones are natural from the Earth and vary slightly in size and color, making each one unique. Each kit is made to order with crystals intuitively hand picked for you. Expected turn around time from order to dispatch is 1 business day.

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