Boji Balls (pair) aka Shaman Stone

Boji Balls (pair) aka Shaman Stone
Boji Balls (pair) aka Shaman Stone
Boji Balls (pair) aka Shaman Stone

Yin/Yang | Balance | Protective | Shamanic Journeying

All Boji stones should come in pairs, with the smoother one holding the female energy and the “bumpier” one holding the masculine.

It holds one of the most gentle, though refined, grounding energies available on our planet.  It is a mineral of integration on all levels, balancing and healing as it goes, it calls all parts back to Unity.  Where information is lost in the complexes of the Male, Female, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual selves or dependency on one, it is excellent at finding the point of balance then teaching one how to stay there.  As a general healing stone, no other stone matches the holistic results of Boji.

If Boji has come to you today, you are in need of some downtime; you have allowed yourself to lose some of the building blocks of a healthy balanced state.  In the coming days, as the frequency of Boji rises around the body, healing will result and changes will occur.  It is important to not resist and flow with whatever comes up.

A simple exercise that you can perform to balance all seven energy centers - pick one of the Boji stones, it does not matter if it is male or female. Lie down and put it above your head, slightly above the crown chakra. Make sure there is no contact with the top of the head. The other Boji stone should go slightly below the root chakra. Be still for several minutes, during which time the process of chakra alignment should take place. The energy of the Boji stones alone should be sufficient to start the energy flow between the root and the crown chakra.

They have strong metaphysical properties for spiritual growth, and will help you to overcome deep seated fear.This is especially important when doing out of body journeys, as they are potent psychic protection stones, and will prevent negative entities from attaching themselves to you.  They are very helpful stones to aid you when you are doing shamanic journeys.

Weight: 141g | Dimension approx. 40mm each

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