Blue Lace Agate Nugget Bead 6-8mm Bracelet

Blue Lace Agate Nugget Bead 6-8mm Bracelet
Blue Lace Agate Nugget Bead 6-8mm Bracelet
Blue Lace Agate Nugget Bead 6-8mm Bracelet

Calm Expression  |  Truth  |  Wisdom

A gentle calming stone that brings tranquillity, a lessening of anger, even deep anger issues, and a calming of nervousness.  It brings peace and it enhances clear self-expression, allowing you to speak your truth, peacefully and calmly.  One of the best stones for opening your throat chakra when it has become limited or blocked.  It can help bring stronger intuition and inner knowing.

As an agate, this stone has a strong connection to the breath, bringing balance and control so the higher frequency blue stones of communication can follow in her footsteps, often delivering the wisdom of the Soul and pathways of original thought.  Blue Lace Agate is a stone of truth and  responsibility, especially concerning speech and will powerfully teach the importance of this in expression at all levels.

If Blue Lace Agate has come to you today, tread lightly and gently in all matters, for she only comes to those who must take the path of calm truth-filled peaceful expression.  All matters and courses of action are best approached from a truthful space where the wisdom and logic of Air can be blended with the emotion and fluidity of water.  Blue Lace Agate appears only when there is too much fire in expression, or the possibility of it, and her message is, take time, breathe and then take action with an open heart.  Determining the difference between action and reaction is her playground, you have been asked to look at this within yourself.  For one who takes action with love and joy this stone is as endless as the blue skies where clouds dance, but for those who would react with fire, she warns of the inevitable, ever-breaking wave of emotion, increasingly turbulent the more it is ignored.  Open your heart, and then open your mouth, Blue Lace Agate tells us, the world is ready to hear what you have to say.  (Justin Moikeha Asar)

Affirmation:-  “I Am the Voice of Calm Expression.”


**Price is per one bracelet,  which is intuitively chosen for you.   I do this by tuning in to you and allowing the crystal for you to reveal itself to me.  They do, after all, choose you!!   

The picture is representative of the quality & sizing you can expect to receive,  however as you can see, they are each quite unique, individual stones, which vary in colour, inclusions and look, so there will be slight variations.

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