Black Tourmaline Raw (Pack of 6)

Black Tourmaline Raw (Pack of 6)
Black Tourmaline Raw (Pack of 6)
Black Tourmaline Raw (Pack of 6)
$24.00 $30.00

Grounding | Recharging | Balancing


MINERAL FAMILY: Boron Silicate


ZODIAC SIGNS: Libra, Scorpio


PLANET: Saturn

ORIGINS: Worldwide but predominantly Brazil and Africa

AFFIRMATION: "I feel safe, protected and secure."

BEST FOR: Grounding and protection from negative energy.


A heavyweight crystal  bodyguard, this crystal is what you need for balancing,  grounding and staying focused.

It shields against negative, dense or heavy energies,  keeping you light and free. 

It helps you to be confident and empowered and trusting in the Light that you are.    It promotes inspiration and happiness and reduces fear.

Average Dimensions

$7 - Weight: 9g | Width: 40mm

**The price indicated is per one piece, which is intuitively chosen for you, usually by the crystal which wishes to go to you.

The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive however please note that each crystal is unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour, pattern and shape.

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