Axinite Cluster

Axinite Cluster

Balance | Stability | Focus | Earthing | Calm

Helps to balance and stabilize energy. It allows you to be mindful and aware of the  energy that is around you and the energy that runs through you. Axinite brings out  your greatest potential. It encourages and supports you.

If you are feeling fractured, being pulled in too many different directions at once, Axinite can be helpful for you. Today, more than ever, it is necessary, to focus completely on one task at a time, seeing it through to completion before moving on to the next. We are reminded that life is not a race, although choice and circumstance often make it feel that way.

We live in a highly sensitive time - people are quick to take offense, quick to criticize, quick to point fingers. Axinite eases this highly volatile energy. It helps us to be the observer, allowing the chaotic energy of the emotion to dissipate so that we may see beyond the words. Axinite is a voice of reason which reminders us to stay aware, stay focused, do not let yourself to get caught up in the distractions.

Average Dimensions

Weight: 5g | Width: 30mm

**The price indicated is per one piece, which is intuitively chosen for you, usually by the crystal which wishes to go to you.

The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive however please note that each crystal is unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour, pattern and shape.


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