Astrophyllite Pendulum

Astrophyllite Pendulum

Inter-dimensional Communication | Astral Travel | Self Knowledge | Self Acceptance | Forgiveness | Chakra Alignment | Light Infusion

Astrophyllite activates and connects the Soul Star chakra above the head with the Earthstar chakra below the feet and therefore aligns every chakra in the body. 

It can direct light into the darkest recesses of our being to allow us to see and understand our most buried and unacknowledged thoughts and feelings, our shadow self.  By knowing and accepting our whole, we can choose to live to our full potential.  

It a great ally for astral travel and to help people who feel uncomfortable on this Earth, to feel more at home, more calm and in tune.  It enhances communication with inter-dimensional Beings, and other civilisation from the past or future.

As I was connecting with the crystal and writing up about it, I was getting really strong sensations in my Crown chakra.  This is an important crystal for these times - especially for those who are here to do the necessary Earth work at this time.  Naisha Aishan writes "it carries an energy that helps walk-ins and ETs feel more at home on Earth.  It stimulates the higher chakras and encourages intergalactic and interdimensional communication and telepathy with beings from these realms".  For those who know they are here at this time for this purpose, this crystal will help you with these connections.

Affirmation: I know and accept myself in all aspects, histories and dimensions, and I call forth the highest manifestation of my spiritual purpose.

Weight: 17g | Length: 32mm 

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