Aegirine (aka Acmite)

Aegirine (aka Acmite)

Protection | High Vibration | Confidence | Strength

Aegirine, also known as Acmite, was discovered in 1835 in Norway and got its name from Ægir, the Scandinavian god of the sea. 

Aegirine is a very strong stone that operates on a high vibrational frequency. It aids in clearing and protecting, especially that of which is filled with negative energy. It’s a confidence driven stone and will help with anyone who is feeling a lack of self-love and appreciation. By helping you realise how strong you truly are, you’ll be able to attract the positive energy you may not have realised was even around you.

Aegirine is a healing stone and will greatly improve one's mental health. It will assist in breaking you out of tireless daily routines that are filled with negativity, and push you towards focusing on yourself. For anyone who is struggling with addiction of any sorts, Aegirine will bring out the strength from deep within that may have been buried beneath internal imbalances.

Moldavites work well with Aegirine. The strength of both these stones activates and aligns all chakras and is extremely powerful in banishing negative energies and entities. 

Average Length: 52mm | Average Weight: 4g

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