Soul Journey 11:11 Crystals

This collection is made of crystals which speak to me of finding their Keeper/Caretaker, specifically for Light Work.  Yes, for personal transformation, but also for deeper Soul work, planetary and cosmic work.  Often they will be crystals which will act as a portal, a gateway, to other dimensions and worlds.

They are powerhouses.  They have strong energy and very high vibration, high frequency.

You may think you are not a Light Worker, or even know what that is.  Well, we all are.  We are here to hold powerful energy, to transform our lives, to raise our vibration, to be kind and compassionate and caring.  So if you are drawn to the crystals in this collection, TRUST that they wish to work with you, that they know who you are!

Don't get me wrong, ALL crystals are special and unique, and call to those they wish to go to.   These are different only in that they ask specifically for me to connect, hear and share their message.

Hello You!

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